Decorate Above the Bed

Decorate Above the Bed

Whether your bedroom is tiny, huge, or some size in between, the bed is the star of the show, and the space above is ripe for making a statement. If the wall above your headboard is currently empty, consider the list below a smorgasbord of options to decorate that spot. If the wall above your bed is currently occupied, get inspired to shift your decor in a new direction. Some of the ideas below are fresh and fun, some simple and sleek, but they’re all great options for what to hang above your bed.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a window behind your bed… you can still add the drama and softness of drapes by hanging them on the wall!


Faux antler


There are a lot of retailers that sell decorative options for faux antlers.


Art installation


Any collection of small options attached to the wall will become a little art installation.


Tennis rackets/Guitars


It’s sporty and fun, and the more vintage, the better.




It’s simple, sweet, and will go with just about any type of decor, depending on the frame style.




Simple, affordable, and educational.




The canopy can finish your room style sometimes.




The floral is the most popular pattern for girls’ bedroom decoration, often on the wallpaper.

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