Bedroom Mosquito Repellent Tips

Bedroom Mosquito Repellent Tips

In addition to common mosquito repellent methods, such as ultrasonic mosquito repellent, chemical mosquito repellent, bed curtains mosquito repellent can be used in the bedroom, there are some healthy bedroom mosquito repellent tips.

Put the light-transmitting orange-red cellophane on the light bulb. Once the lamp is turned on, the mosquitoes will not fly over again, because most mosquitoes are afraid of orange-red light, and you can also install a small orange-red lamp in the bedroom.

Put a pot of mint in the bedroom

Mosquitoes will avoid the smell of mint. In summer, mosquito repellent plants can be added to the bedroom, such as marigold, basil, lavender, mint, garlic.

Burn orange peel

Burn some dried orange peels in the bedroom about 3 hours before sleeping time, the mosquitoes will also escape the room in the night.

Rub the vitamin B1 solution onto the skin

Vitamin B1 emits a special taste, which has no effect on people, but the mosquitoes are very afraid to stay close to it. You can put some vitamin B1 tablets in the water, then wipe the skin with a cotton swab dipped in water.

Put the empty wine bottle with sugar water in the bedroom

Mosquitoes like the sweet taste, and when they smell sugar water, they drill into empty beer bottles. In the end, the mosquitoes are mostly stuck with sugar water and cannot escape the bottle.

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