Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

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Place the right lights in your bedroom to creating a beautiful space and achieve the best functional use in a bedroom. Consideration of your daily needs is important for where to position lighting all around the bedroom for grooming, dressing, and creating a relaxing, restful mood.

 Bedside table lamps & Wall lights

  1. Bedside table lamps & Wall lights & Bedhead lights

Traditionally, we place two bedside table lamps to read by at night. In modern style, people take wall lights or bedhead lights instead of table lamps to saving space on the night table. And the bedside lights are a key decorating feature in any bedroom, can make your room style and proportion look more perfect.

  1. Ceiling lights & Pendant lights

Ceiling lights or pendant lights are fitted as standard for every room in the house.

The ceiling light can reflect your own decorating style easier and bring lighting to all of the room.

  1. LED lighting

Energy-efficient LED lighting has taken bedroom lighting next level.

You can use dimmer with bulbs and strip LED lights to create a subtle, sophisticated glow.

  1. Light and fan combination

It combines light and ceiling fans together so that it can be used for decorative and other practical purposes like lighting and cooling the space, also achieve optimum use of space. It can be said to be a perfect combination of classic and modern beauty.

  1. Downlights

The ultimate choice for modern, minimal style bedrooms, recessed downlights light the whole room by using a grid pattern, usually apply dimmer switches to different areas to control the light. You can set 1 downlight per 1.4m2 of coverage at an average roof height for an adequate cover of light.

  1. Floor lamp

Used in combination with wall or other lightings, a floor lamp is a stylish way to add height in your décor and a striking.

  1. Fairy lights

Full of whimsy, fairy lights do double duty to create dreamy decoration with functional lighting, usually be used in girl’s room or to creating festival décor.

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