Add Flowers and Plants to Your Bedroom

Add Flowers and Plants to Your Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to rest and sleep. It should be decorated healthily and comfortably to relax. The requirement of plants and flower arrangement is to create a clean and comfortable environment.

Many flowers and plants suitable for indoor planting have a bactericidal function. If some potted citrus, rosemary, peach wood, and etc. are placed in the room, the bacteria and microorganisms in the air will be greatly reduced.

The number of decorative plants or flowers in the bedroom should not be too much, because most plants in nature perform photosynthesis during the day and emit carbon dioxide at night. Only a few species such as cactus, prickly pear, daffodils, etc., absorb carbon dioxide at night and can purify the air. Plants or flowers in the bedroom should be kept as far away from the bed as possible, especially during the night.

Pay attention to the following when placing plants in the bedroom.

Due to the bed in the bedroom, the remaining area is often limited, we recommend small-leaf, soft, and light-colored foliage plants, which can be placed on the nightstand and small wardrobe.

If the bedroom is more spacious, you can choose some larger potted flowers for decoration: such as a pot of light bamboo and green leaves in the corner space. In this way, the bedroom will look both energetic and artistic.

If the bedroom has a bay window, you can place hanging flowers here, such as on the ceiling hanging ivy.

If the bedroom has a balcony, spruce and other low-coniferous trees are suitablewhich can make the interior full of refreshing tree fragrance.

If you place flowers in the bedroom, take these tips.

Avoid flowers that have irritating smells.

Sleeping with the fragrance of flowers should be a pleasant thing to think about, but not all "flower fragrances" are suitable for bringing you a sweet dream. For example, clove, gardenia, rosemary, etc., they have a thick and strong odor or are irritating. Especially in a limited space, high floral fragrance concentration can easily cause dizziness and discomfort.

A low cabinet or table near the window can change flowers according to the season, such as osmanthu, jasmine, orchid, etc. There should not be too many flowers in the bedroom, especially the colors should not be too mixed, and too bright for your eyes.

When decorating the bedroom with flower arrangements, pay attention to the time to ensure that the flower arrangements are fresh.

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