summer out door bed decoration

How to Update Your Bedroom for Summer


Summer is here, it is time to do something to update your bedroom for a cool and comfortable experience.

Add the light and cold tones, suitable for the style of Scandinavian minimalism style, Mediterranean style, Natural country style.

Reduce heavy bedding, use breathable cotton and linen bedding.

Clean up accumulated items, keep the space tidy, use gauze curtains to maintain air circulation.

Replace double-layer thermal insulation curtains to lower the temperature.

In hot and humid areas, it is also necessary to confirm that the bedroom dehumidification system can work normally.

Add green plants, can help block sunlight, and add greenery.

Using cold light lighting, and you can add glass and metal-colored decorations to increase the sense of cool.

Do a good job of mosquito repellent, have a bed canopy, or take chemical-physical mosquito repellent equipment.

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