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Natural Amethyst Cluster Ornament for Healing Reiki Home Decoration

Natural Amethyst Cluster Ornament for Healing Reiki Home Decoration

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About this item:

1.Purple amethyst crystal. 1 pc, medium, weight: approx. 0.28 lb (130g)| shape: irregular. The edges are purely natural, with a simple polished finish on the edges.

2.Unique amethyst cluster. The amethyst base is precision cut to stand up safely as a display, retaining its original shape without dye. As a decoration, a work of art, each specimen is unique and you will receive a specimen similar to the picture shown, but not as it appears in the picture.

3.Amethyst Quartz: Healing, meditation, massage, reiki, manifestation, protection, feng shui, absorbing negative energy, changing bad vibrations, expanding the mind. Amethyst promotes the body's absorption of oxygen and the removal of waste

4.Chakras: Amethyst is the stone of choice for spiritual opening and intuitive development, it stimulates the third eye, crown and etheric chakras.

5.Decoration: Ideal for home or office items, collect and give as gifts. For example: wedding gifts, gifts for relatives and friends, home decoration, office, furniture store, hotel decoration.

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