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Cat and Moon Stained Glass Suncatchers

Cat and Moon Stained Glass Suncatchers

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The Cat Suncatcher is a stunning piece of art made from hand-painted acrylic. Its smooth surface and special texture provide a unique sensory experience. This circular window hanging depicts 2 vivid cats playing on the moon that become even more vibrant when exposed to sunlight.

We have designed four styles for you to choose

You can choose this black cat sitting on the moon picking up the stars,does it look very vivid, like a living cat, its color is also very bright, oh, it is so beautiful!

This chubby cat, oh, it has a pair of wings, so it is an angel, of course, all cute little animals are angels in the world!

Cats playing with butterflies among flowers are just as popular, aren't they? How sweet it is when your cat is on camera with this suncatcher

When you hang it on the window, it's as blue as the sky, so beautiful, so cute,you will love it!

Product Features:

  • Cat and Moon Stained Glass Suncatchers - Halloween Decorative Hanging Ornaments - Modern Art Window Sun Catcher - Handmade Home Decor
  • stain glass ornament
  • stained glass window hangings
  • black cat suncatcher
  • handmade stained glass
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