Who Stole Your Sleep at The Turn of Spring and Summer

Who Stole Your Sleep at The Turn of Spring and Summer


At the turn of spring and summer, the temperature changes rapidly between day and night. The body adjustment is unable to keep up, thereby breaking the body's inherent balance. The problem of affected sleep quality.

In addition, many people have been in a state of mental stress, emotional anxiety for a long time and don't have enough activity, these have become the factors of modern people's insomnia.

However, this seasonal insomnia disorder is generally relatively short-lived. As long as you adapt to external changes such as temperature and humidity, your sleep status can be improved. Here are some tips to improve sleep.


Soak your feet to warm up and help sleep, the water temperature of the foot bath is suitable for your hand back. The height of water is best at the position of 3 inches up to the ankle, and the time is controlled between 15 to 20 minutes.


You can also gently massage your eyes and Tanzhong point (this point is between the two breasts) before going to bed, which helps to relax your eyes and body.

Create a comfortable sleeping environment

To have a good sleep, the most important thing is to have a comfortable sleeping environment.

The light in the bedroom should be soft and dim.

The bedroom should be kept quiet, and the sound should be less than 30 decibels. You can play light music before going to bed to calm down and help sleep.

The bedroom temperature and moderation should be suitable, and the best sleeping temperature is between 15-24 ° C.

The clear and elegant atmosphere in the bedroom helps us sleep peacefully. Do not put too many plants in the bedroom at night.

Choose the right pillow and correct sleeping position

Generally speaking, choose a pillow with a height of 5-9cm, which is breathable and not easy to get wet. However, reasonable choices can also be made according to individual specific needs. Use what you think is the most comfortable and relaxing sleeping position, and then fall asleep.

The health diet helps sleep, eat foods containing tryptophan

Studies have found that the medium for sleepiness in the human body is serotonin, and neurons need tryptophan when making serotonin. Therefore, if you want to improve your sleep quality, you should eat more foods containing tryptophan. In daily life, many foods contain tryptophan, common are milk, apples, bananas, oats, almonds, etc., generally can eat more at dinner, can also eat some before going to bed to improve sleep quality.

In addition, to improve sleep, enough activities should be added.

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